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Solving the Phosphorus Pollution Puzzle: Synthesis and Directions for Future Research
Despite the success of efforts to reduce phosphorus (P) pollution from point sources, P from non-point agricultural sources remains a vexing problem with many U.S. water bodies having impairments.Expand
Consumer preferences and demand for packaging material and recyclability
An increase in the amount of packaging consumed in the U.S. has put pressure on companies to take responsibility for the entire life-cycle of their product. This study uses discrete choiceExpand
Fish, Farmers, and Floods: Coordinating Institutions to Optimize the Provision of Ecosystem Services
  • Cloé Garnache
  • Environmental Science
  • Journal of the Association of Environmental and…
  • 19 June 2015
This paper investigates the role of coordinating institutions on the returns to ecosystem services in the context of fisheries and habitat management. It examines the trade-offs between theExpand
Perceived barriers to food packaging recycling: Evidence from a choice experiment of US consumers
Abstract To increase recycling rates, packaging companies, policymakers, and food and beverage companies have promoted recycling of packaging through media and packaging labels. Yet, how effectiveExpand
The social costs of second-best policies: Evidence from agricultural GHG mitigation
This paper investigates the social costs of second-best agricultural greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation policies. Adjustments along the land use and input intensity margins are represented within aExpand
Measuring the sustainability of agriculture
This policy paper reviews the sustainability literature, with a view to furthering research in the area of the sustainability of Irish agriculture. This is the first component of a larger projectExpand
What Can Acreage Allocations Say about Crop Supply Elasticities? A Convex Programming Approach to Supply Response Disaggregation
type="main" xml:id="jage12074-abs-0001"> This article has two goals. The first is to extend previous results regarding calibration of land-constrained programming models of agricultural supplyExpand
Calibration of shadow values in constrained optimisation models of agricultural supply
This paper proposes a new information-based method to calibrate the shadow values of constraints in Positive Mathematical Programming models of agricultural supply. Shadow values are chosen so as toExpand
Does the Salience of Risk Affect Large, Risky Asset Prices?
This paper documents that when a southern California home gets designated to a wildfire risk zone, its price drops by 11% relative to homes just outside the designation boundary. Whereas the riskExpand
When Your View Goes Up In Flames: Effect of Wildfires on Real Estate Prices
Using a unique dataset containing over 2 million sales transactions for the Los Angeles and San Diego Basins, we investigate the pathways through which wildfires affect real estate prices, includingExpand