Clive Thomsen

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Increasing design complexity eventually leads to a design process that is distributed over several companies. This is already found in the automotive industry but SoC design appears to move in the same direction. Design processes for complex systems are iterative, but iteration hardly reaches beyond company borders. Iterations require availability of(More)
Cooperative knowledge spaces create new potentials for the experimental fields in natural sciences and engineering since they enhance the accessibility of experimental setups through virtual laboratories and remote technology, opening them for collaborative and distributed usage. A concept for extending existing virtual knowledge spaces for the means of the(More)
The overall objective of the TEUTATES approach is to implement a flexible mobile learning concept for a modern physics education at universities, focusing on enhanced access to a broad variety of experiments. Within a blended learning concept, Tablet-PCs allow an extended experimental part of the education right from the beginning. Different types of(More)
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