Clive R Hamlin

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OBJECTIVE To compare the respective efficiency of CSF tau (quantitative) and CSF 14-3-3 protein (qualitative) in the diagnosis of prion disease. METHODS We made measurements on 420 live subjects, who subsequently underwent a postmortem neuropathology examination, including protein chemistry, immunohistochemistry, and histology. We performed tau by ELISA.(More)
The chronologic ages of human subjects were determined experimentally by enzymatic digestion of tendon collagen samples. Determined age closely matched actual age for individuals dying with a variety of major diseases. Juvenile diabetics did not fit this pattern; their experimentally determined ages were significantly greater than their actual ages. This(More)
Good models for the investigation of human prostate cancer are few. Cells from approximately 9.2-21 ml of peripheral blood from patients with metastatic prostate cancer or metastatic colon cancer were injected s.c. into nude mice. Prostate cancer from 2 of 11 patients and colon cancer from 1 of 3 patients were found to be growing as metastases in the lungs(More)
Epidemiological data showing a predisposition of women to develop Alzheimer disease (AD) led many researchers to investigate the role of sex steroids, namely estrogen, in disease pathogenesis. Although there is circumstantial support for the role of estrogen, the unexpected results of the Women's Health Initiative (WHI) Memory Study, which reported an(More)
CONTEXT In patients with primary hyperparathyroidism (PHP), one expects to find a serum PTH in the high or high-normal range. The presence of a low-normal PTH in PHP can be difficult to explain. OBJECTIVE Our objective was to investigate the cause of a low-normal serum PTH in a patient with PHP. PATIENT A 57-yr-old asymptomatic white female from the(More)