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This paper gives a detailed account of the content analysis method developed at Queen's University Belfast to measure critical thinking during group learning, as used in our controlled comparisons between learning in face-to-face and computer conference seminars. From Garrison's 5 stages of critical thinking, and Henri's cognitive skills needed in CMC, we(More)
PREFACE This sixth edition of Introduction to Defense Acquisition Management provides an update of the regulatory framework from the May 2003, Department of Defense Directive 5000.1 and Department of Defense Instruction 5000.2, governing the defense acquisition system. In addition , information about the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System(More)
This proposal is being submitted by 3 researchers who came together for the first time at the EPSRC Ideas Factory sandpit on Scientific Uncertainty and Decision-making. Since this is a new idea, generated at the sandpit, we have not worked on it before: in fact, no-one has. However, we have researched areas relevant to this proposal. We have complementary(More)
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