Clinton S. Willson

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Pore-scale processes govern fundamental behavior in multiphase porous media systems. A high-resolution, three-dimensional image of the interior of a multiphase porous media system was obtained using synchrotron X-ray tomography. The system was imaged at a resolution of 12.46 mum following entrapment of the nonwetting phase at residual saturation. First, the(More)
Retention and transport of colloids and microorganisms are complex processes, especially in the vadose zone due to the more complicated water flow regime and additional interfacial reactions involved. In this study, we examined the retention and transport behavior of two bacteriophages, MS-2 and phiX174, in homogeneous and chemically heterogeneous media(More)
Significant quantities of gas are generated from labile organic matter in contaminated sediments. The implications for the gas generation and subsequent release of contaminants from sediments are unknown but may include enhanced direct transport such as pore water advection and diffusion. The behavior of gas in sediments and the resulting migration of a(More)
Under certain conditions, oil droplets that have separated from the main oil slick may become coated by suspended sediments forming oil-mineral aggregates (OMAs). The formation of these aggregates depends on suspended particulate characteristics, temperature, salinity, mixing energy, droplet size and number, and oil properties. The OMAs do not re-coalesce(More)
Attempts at understanding nanoparticle fate and transport in the subsurface environment are currently hindered by an inability to quantify nanoparticle behavior at the pore scale (within and between pores) within realistic pore networks. This paper is the first to present a method for high resolution quantification of silver nanoparticle (nAg)(More)
BACKGROUND, AIM, AND SCOPE The Lower Mississippi River is a major transportation route for commercial goods and petroleum products produced and refined locally. Oil spills caused by vessel accidents and equipment failure at refineries are a serious threat to the drinking water supply of Southern Louisiana, as well as to the many natural, economic, and(More)
This study evaluates the pore-scale distribution of silver nanoparticles during transport through a sandy porous medium via quantitative synchrotron X-ray computed microtomography (qSXCMT). The associated distributions of nanoparticle flow velocities and mass flow rates were obtained by coupling these images with computational fluid dynamic (CFD)(More)
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