Clinton Kuwada

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Previous work found that dietary l-arginine alters symptom progression in mice transgenic for Huntington's disease (HD), and that cerebral blood flow (CBF) is abnormal in early stage HD patients. Both of these findings potentially implicate nitric oxide (NO) and its converting enzyme, nitric oxide synthase (NOS), in HD. The current experiment found that(More)
OBJECTIVES/HYPOTHESIS To review the literature on neck recurrence in esthesioneuroblastoma. STUDY DESIGN PubMed database. METHODS A PubMed database search was performed using keywords "esthesioneuroblastoma," "olfactory neuroblastoma," and "esthesioneuroblastoma neck metastasis." Articles written in English with greater than 10 subjects that had data(More)
The most common of the lesions in the carotid space are discussed in relation to their radiographic diagnosis and clinical implications. The appearance of tumors and lesions on computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging is presented, and their differential diagnosis is discussed. The image of each carotid disease is presented, and the discussion(More)
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