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The effects of the introduction of timed pauses within meals and palatability on food intake and changes in rated appetite during a meal were assessed in three experiments in which volunteers ate a lunch of pasta with a tomato sauce. Eating was monitored using a disguised electronic balance attached to a micro-computer, which also allowed the introduction(More)
PURPOSE Radiation therapy (RT) restricted to the tumor bed, by means of an interstitial implant, and lasting 4 to 5 days after lumpectomy was prospectively evaluated in early-stage breast cancer patients treated with breast-conserving therapy (BCT). The goals of the study were to determine whether treatment time can be reduced and whether elective treatment(More)
Changes in fetal heart rate variability (FHRV) and ST segment elevation (measured as the T/QRS ratio) are used to evaluate fetal adaptation to labour. The sympathetic nervous system (SNS) is an important contributor to FHRV under healthy normoxic conditions, and is critical for rapid support of blood pressure during brief labour-like asphyxia. However,(More)
These studies were conducted in China (Province of Taiwan) to assess the populations of known and potential mosquito vectors of Japanese encephalitis in a typical endemic area, and to evaluate a variety of sampling techniques, some of which were new. Culex annulus was found to be the predominant vector species in the study area during the epidemic season;(More)
Sympathetic nervous system (SNS)-mediated peripheral vasoconstriction plays a key role in initial maintenance of blood pressure during rapid-onset asphyxia in the mammalian fetus, but it is attenuated after the first few minutes. It is unclear whether the SNS response is sustained during the brief, but frequently repeated, episodes of asphyxia(More)
INTRODUCTION New Zealand is facing a general practice workforce crisis, especially in rural communities. Medical school entrants from low decile schools or rural locations may be more likely to choose rural general practice as their career path. AIM To determine whether a relationship exists between secondary school decile rating, the size of the town of(More)
A year-round study of the infection rates of JE virus in Culex mosquitos was made during 1970-71 in 2 hamlets in Taoyuan County, China (Province of Taiwan). JE virus was recovered from 5 of 314 pools of C. annulus, and from 1 of 22 pools of C. tritaeniorhynchus; these recoveries occurred during a 14-day period in July 1971. None of the 288 pools of C. p.(More)
This is the seventh article in an education series, discussing some of the 'hot topics' in teaching and learning in medicine. Historically, 'professionalism' was defined by the social structures of medicine, but has moved on to represent the expected behaviours and attributes of practitioners. Well publicised cases of professional misconduct, the rise of(More)
Studies were made on the host-feeding patterns and behaviour of 4 Culex species in China (Province of Taiwan) to further assess their importance as vectors of Japanese encephalitis. A relatively unbiased, non-attractant technique (vacuum sweep-net) was used for collecting mosquitos resting outdoors on rural premises; blood meals from engorged specimens were(More)