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Comparative risk projects can provide broad policy guidance but they rarely have adequate scientific foundations to support precise risk rankings. Many extant projects report rankings anyway, with limited attention to uncertainty. Stochastic uncertainty, structural uncertainty, and ignorance are types of incertitude that afflict risk comparisons. The(More)
nergy is a modern necessity. By harnessing energy resources beyond what their own muscles can generate, humans have dramatically extended and enriched their domains. Draft animals, slaves, and biomass have given way to fossil fuels as the primary energy sources, with nuclear and renewable sources also entering the mix. Illustratively, Fig. 1 shows the great(More)
Improved indoor air quality (IAQ) is one of the critical components of green building design. Green building tax credit (e.g., New York State Green Building Tax Credit (GBTC)) and certification programs (e.g., Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED)) require indoor air quality measures and compliance with allowable maximum concentrations of(More)