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Developmental variation in coping and defense strategy use was examined in a sample of 100 male and female participants ranging in age from 10 to 77 years. Each participant was administered Loevinger's ego development task, the Ways of Coping measure, and the Defense Mechanism Inventory. In addition, a brief narrative of a stressful experience was assessed(More)
The control system for the Berkeley lower extremity exoskeleton (BLEEX) requires ground contact pressure information to operate safely and effectively. Commercially available in-sole sensors do not have sufficient bandwidth, accuracy and reliability for such a system. We have designed and prototyped an in-sole ground contact sensor that uses MEMS pressure(More)
The story recall style of younger (mean age = 18.67 years) and older adults (mean age = 65.96) was examined in this study. Following presentation of a narrative in either fable or non-fable form, participants produced written responses under one of four recall conditions: total recall, summary, gist, or gist plus moral. Analysis of the response protocols(More)
In this paper we introduce STEPPR (Sandia Transmission-Efficient Prototype Promoting Research), a bipedal robot designed to explore efficient bipedal walking. The initial iteration of this robot achieves efficient motions through powerful electromagnetic actuators and highly back-drivable synthetic rope transmissions. We show how the addition of parallel(More)
This paper describes the design and performance of a synthetic rope on sheave drive system. This system uses synthetic ropes instead of steel cables to achieve low weight and a compact form factor. We demonstrate how this system is capable of 28-Hz torque control bandwidth, 95% efficiency, and quiet operation, making it ideal for use on legged robots(More)
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