Clinton Hobart

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Fungal mitospores may function as dispersal units and/ or spermatia and thus play a role in distribution and/or mating of species that produce them. Mitospore production in ectomycorrhizal (EcM) Pezizales is rarely reported, but here we document mitospore production by a high diversity of EcM Pezizales on three continents, in both hemispheres. We sequenced(More)
Lysosomal acid alpha-glucosidase (EC hydrolyzes 1,4-linked alpha-D-glucose polymers present in glycogen. Genetic deficiency of acid alpha-glucosidase results in glycogen-storage disease type II, encompassing a spectrum of disorders of varying severity. To study the molecular basis for this heterogeneity, we sought to clone the coding sequence for(More)
The control system for the Berkeley lower extremity exoskeleton (BLEEX) requires ground contact pressure information to operate safely and effectively. Commercially available in-sole sensors do not have sufficient bandwidth, accuracy and reliability for such a system. We have designed and prototyped an in-sole ground contact sensor that uses MEMS pressure(More)
This paper describes the design and performance of a synthetic rope on sheave drive system. This system uses synthetic ropes instead of steel cables to achieve low weight and a compact form factor. We demonstrate how this system is capable of 28-Hz torque control bandwidth, 95% efficiency, and quiet operation, making it ideal for use on legged robots(More)
In this paper we introduce STEPPR (Sandia Transmission-Efficient Prototype Promoting Research), a bipedal robot designed to explore efficient bipedal walking. The initial iteration of this robot achieves efficient motions through powerful electromagnetic actuators and highly back-drivable synthetic rope transmissions. We show how the addition of parallel(More)
RESUME This exploratory paper seeks to focus attention on resource development as one source of health problems among Native northerners and to identify some of the methodological and theoretical difficulties encountered in studying these problems. Some information available on the impacts of oil exploration employment in the Western Arctic and of the Fort(More)
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