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Numerous metrics of heart rate variability (HRV) have been described, analyzed, and compared in the literature. However, they rarely cover the actual metrics used in a class of HRV data acquisition devices - those designed primarily to produce real-time metrics. This paper characterizes a class of metrics that we term dynamic metrics. We also report the(More)
This study surveyed ergonomic issues in 308 Native American flute players. It also correlated the physical measurements of a subgroup of 33 participants with the largest flute they found comfortable. The data was used to derive a predictive formula for the largest comfortable flute based on physical measurements. The median age of players was 63 years with(More)
The Native American flute, a traditional ethnic wind instrument developed by indigenous Native American cultures, is enjoying a renaissance in various sectors of society. The instrument evolved from traditional uses in The design of the Native American flute is " a front-held, open-holed whistle, with an external block and internal wall that separates a(More)
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