Clinton F. Goss

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The NYU-Ada project is engaged in the design and implementation of a translator-interpreter for the Ada language. The objectives of this project are twofold: a) to provide an executable semantic model for the full Ada language, that can be used for teaching, and serve as a starting point for the design of an efficient Ada compiler; b) to serve as a testing(More)
Metrics of heart rate variability (HRV) are widely used in medical diagnostics, physiological research, and biofeedback training (TaskForce, 1996; Wheat & Larkin, 2010). HRV metrics are typically based on non-invasive measurements of cardiac function using electrocardiography (ECG) or photoplethysmography (PPG). A specific point is identified in each(More)
MACRO SPITBOL (1) is a compiler/ interpreter for a variant of SNOBOL4 (3), SPITBOL (4), which has been implemented on a variety of large computers. MICRO SPITBOL is an adaptation of the system for use on micro and minicomputers which compiles a language identical to MACRO SPITBOL with the exclusion of real arithmetic. The goal was to preserve the structure(More)
Since October 1986, we have had experience with 96 Sarns centrifugal pumps in 72 patients (pts). Heparinless left atrial to femoral artery or aorta bypass was used in 14 pts undergoing surgery on the thoracic aorta with 13 survivors (93%). No paraplegia or device-related complications were observed. In 57 patients, the Sarns centrifugal pump was used as a(More)
The ergonomic issues particular to playing musical instruments have been widely studied. However, most research studies have focused on orchestral instruments and trained, experienced musicians (for example, [Lonsdale 2014] for Western concert flute, [Furuya 2006] and [BoyleRB 2010] for piano, and [Wade-MA 2008] for trumpet). The bulk of the assistance and(More)
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