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A reduced animal model (RAM) version of the animal model (AM) incorporating independent marked quantitative trait loci (M(aTL's) of Fernando and Grossman (1989) is presented. Both AM and RAM permit obtaining Best Linear Unbiased Predictions of MQTL effects plus the remaining portion of the breeding value that is not accounted for by independent M(aTL's. RAM(More)
We present evidence that Mg2+ antagonism is one mechanism for acute toxicity of waterborne Ni to Daphnia magna. Acutely, adult D. magna were exposed to either control or 694 microg Ni L(-1) as NiSO4 in moderately soft water (45 mg L(-1) as CaCO3; background Ni approximately 1 microg Ni L(-1)) for 48 h without feeding. Chronically, adults were exposed to(More)
We present here results using two novel adaptive optic elements, an electro-static membrane mirror, and a dual frequency nematic liquid crystal. These devices have the advantage of low cost, low power consumption, and compact size. Possible applications of the devices are astronomical adaptive optics, laser beam control, laser cavity mode control, and real(More)
Deliberate and natural outbreaks of infectious disease, the prevalence of antibiotic resistant strains, and the ease by which antibiotic resistant bacteria can be intentionally engineered all underscore the necessity of effective vaccines and continued development of novel antimicrobial/antiviral therapeutics. Isoprenes, a group of molecules fundamentally(More)
— The genetic response in an efficient progeny testing scheme, improving at a constant annual rate of 0.103 phenotypic standard deviations, is compared to that possible from setting up a multiple ovulation and embryo transfer (MOET) nucleus scheme at a given year zero using bull parents from this scheme as nudeus herd founder animals. Two MOET nucleus(More)
OBJECTIVES Having observed variation in the breadth of surgeons' fingers whilst they are placing the incision for submandibular gland surgery, we aimed to examine this technique of incision siting, quantify the differences in fingerbreadths and consider any consequences of variability. METHODS Surgeons trained in salivary gland surgery were questioned on(More)
1. The hydrolytic activity of IgG purified from (a) 13 samples of ovine antiserum collected from three animals during a two-year immunisation programme using a phosphate immunogen (comprising the amide conjugate bonded through the carboxy group of 4-nitrophenyl 4-carboxymethylphenyl hydrogen phosphate and amino groups of keyhole-limpet haemocyanin) and (b)(More)
The views expressed herein do not necessarily represent the views of the Commonwealth of Australia. part may be reproduced without prior written permission. However, permission is given to trainers and teachers to make copies by photocopying or other duplicating processes for use within their own training organisation or in a workplace where the training is(More)