Clint McCann

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The treatment of head and neck cancer patients with persistent severe pain often requires a multidisciplinary approach. Accurate documentation of pain frequency, intensity, and location must precede therapy. Medical regimens, as with methadone and Dexedrine, are often effective and should be tried first. If pain is in the trigeminal nerve distribution,(More)
From 1975 to 1 January 1999, 1103 neurologically involved patients (mean age 13.2 years; 686 males, 417 females) referred with problematic drooling, or sialorrhea, were assessed at a pediatric rehabilitation center by a team consisting of an otolaryngologist, speech pathologist, and a dentist. The initial standard treatment for persistent sialorrhea (in the(More)
Three patients with infratemporal fossa carcinomas presented with severe, unrelenting facial pain, weight loss, and 5th cranial nerve deficit. Erosion of the base of the skull at the foramen ovale was present in two of these patients. Histologic diagnosis of infratemporal fossa malignancy was obtained by needle biopsy of the foramen ovale region; the(More)
Dabigatran etexilate is licensed for use in prevention of deep venous thromboembolism and in prevention of stroke and systemic embolism in nonvalvular atrial fibrillation (AF). It has also been used in patients for other indications as a substitute for warfarin therapy because it requires no monitoring; one group being patients undergoing radiofrequency(More)