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This paper introduces GEOS, the first automated system to solve unaltered SAT geometry questions by combining text understanding and diagram interpretation. We model the problem of understanding geometry questions as submodular optimization , and identify a formal problem description likely to be compatible with both the question text and diagram. GEOS then(More)
Elements that caused cytotoxicity of high-noble, noble, and silver-based dental casting alloys were identified by correlating the release of elements with the cytotoxicities of the alloys. Release of elements was determined by atomic absorption spectroscopy, and the cytotoxic effect was determined by cellular mitochondrial function. The high-noble alloy(More)
The release of elements from dental casting alloys is a continuing concern because of the potentially harmful biological effects the elements may have on local tissues. The surfaces of the alloys appear to be most important in controlling the release of these elements. In the current study, the surfaces of high-, reduced-, and no-gold dental alloys were(More)
Helicobacter pylori infection, often acquired in early childhood, is a global cause of undernutrition, gastritis, peptic ulcer disease and gastric carcinoma. This study tested the feasibility of using H. pylori shed in the faeces as a source of DNA for non-invasive epidemiological studies. H. pylori DNA was chemically recovered and isolated using a specific(More)
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