Clint Jeffery

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Background:Brain tumours account for <2% of all primary neoplasms but are responsible for 7% of the years of life lost from cancer before age 70 years. The latest survival trends for patients with CNS malignancies have remained largely static. The objective of this study was to evaluate the change in practice as a result of implementing the Improving(More)
The influence of cardiac innervation on the renal response to volume expansion was investigated. Systemic hemodynamic, plasma hormone, and renal clearance measurements were made before, during, and after intravenous administration of 1,000 ml 0.9% saline over 10 min to six control and six cardiac-denervated, chloralose-anesthetized mongrel dogs. Volume(More)
Today’s modern software projects are written in many different languages: Python, C++, Perl, Java, Javascript, Lua, Unicon, C, all co-exist within a complex environment implementing different components of a system. This proliferation of languages causes dynamically-typed language concepts to infiltrate statically-typed languages. One important idea that(More)
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