Clint E. Wood

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To determine the incidences of side effects and complications associated with the use of epidural analgesia for infants and children at the Alberta Children's Hospital, we reviewed our experience over a two-year period. A database was established for recording management, side effects and complications of each epidural, and this is a retrospective review of(More)
This study was undertaken to quantify the exposure of operating room staff to nitrous oxide during routine paediatric otolaryngeal surgery and to determine the influence of the method of induction of anaesthesia on this exposure. The nitrous oxide exposure of the anaesthetist, the surgeon and the circulating nurse were measured, using body-worn passive(More)
We evaluated the Baxter/Edwards Critical-Care Swan Ganz IntelliCath continuous cardiac output catheter and Vigilance continuous cardiac output monitor in critically ill adult intensive care patients, and compared cardiac output measurements obtained from this new system with those from a standard bolus thermodilution technique using cold normal saline. Nine(More)
Our study evaluated techniques for percutaneous gastrostomy (G)-tube placement without the use of a nasogastric (NG) tube. Instead, direct puncture of a physiologic air bubble or effervescent-enhanced gastric bubble distention was performed in patients with upper digestive tract obstruction (UDTO) or psychological objections to NG tubes. A total of 886(More)
Hypertension develops in rats exposed chronically to cold [6 +/- 2 degrees C (SE)] and includes both an elevation of mean arterial pressure and cardiac hypertrophy. Previous studies suggest that cold-exposed animals, at least initially, have a large sustained increase in the activity of their sympathetic nervous system, suggesting a failure of the(More)
We have successfully linked a standard patient monitor system (Hewlett Packard M1166A-A66) with the Baxter Edwards Critical-Care Swan Ganz Intellicath continuous cardiac output catheter and the Vigilance continuous cardiac output monitor system to produce continuous values of systemic vascular resistance. Six cases are presented in which marked changes in(More)
A woman in her early 60s with hypertension and hyperlipidemia was undergoing investigations for anemia of unknown etiology. She developed a sudden reduction in visual acuity and bilateral visual field impairment. MRI and angiography revealed acute infarcts in the posterior circulation and severe narrowing of the left vertebral artery origin. Digital(More)
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