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assistance. We would also like to thank Thomas Armentrout for his involvement in the project, Cindy Young for her data entry and analysis efforts, and Kelly Gable for her assistance in manuscript preparation. In this quasi-experimental study, we investigate value congruence and demographic dissimilarity among group members as factors which influence various(More)
The common use of generic strategy typologies in strategic human resource management (SHRM), such as the typology proposed by Michael Porter (1980), is inaccurate and probably obsolete. SHRM research that examines the performance effects of human resource (HR) systems does not need to invoke the strategy construct in order to fulfill its goals. SHRM(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o a b s t r a c t Synergy is a central tenet of the organizational level approach to human resource management (HRM). However, current theoretic treatments of synergy in the HRM literature are too inspecific to offer much insight about its essential characteristics in HRM systems. To move the treatment of synergy toward greater(More)
One little-explored question concerning innovative human resources practices is how the intensity of their implementation affects their impact on establishment performance: is the relationship linear, or more complex? This analysis, using U.S. Census Bureau data for 1997 from a sample of 1,212 private sector manufacturing establishments, investigates the(More)
Resonance Raman spectroscopy provides much stronger Raman signal levels than its off-resonant counterpart and adds selectivity by excitation tuning. Raman preresonance of benzene has been well studied. On-resonance studies, especially at phonon-allowed absorptions, have received less attention. In this case, we observe resonance of many of the vibration(More)
III. forthcoming. " Software firm turnarounds in the 1990s: An analysis of reversing decline in a growing, dynamic industry. " Strategic Management Journal. (2012). Cognitive diversity and individual team member creativity: A cross-level interaction. The moderating effects of traditionality-modernity on the effects of internal labor market belief on(More)
The resonance enhanced Raman spectra in the 1B2u mode of the forbidden benzene electronic transition band, ~230-270 nm, has been investigated. Resonance enhanced Raman scattering in both liquid benzene and liquid toluene exhibit the greatest enhancement when the wavelength of excitation is tuned to the vapor-phase absorption peaks; even though the sample(More)
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