Clint B. Smith

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Deliberate and natural outbreaks of infectious disease, the prevalence of antibiotic resistant strains, and the ease by which antibiotic resistant bacteria can be intentionally engineered all underscore the necessity of effective vaccines and continued development of novel antimicrobial/antiviral therapeutics. Isoprenes, a group of molecules fundamentally(More)
River flow regime is believed to have a fundamental effect on riverine biota. It influences key aquatic processes, including levels of dissolved oxygen, sediment transport and deposition, water quality and habitat type and distribution. We review the impact of flow on the abundance and distribution of salmonid fishes in the context of developing approaches(More)
Atlantic sturgeon migrate between ocean and freshwater habitats to spawn, and juveniles spend several years in fresh/brackish water before returning to the ocean. Because strontium/calcium (Sr/Ca) ratios are diagnostic for freshwater and marine environments, we examined the utility of energy-dispersive x-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) to quantify Sr/Ca ratios of(More)
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