Clifton Thompson

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OBJECTIVE Immobilization and subsequent weakness are consequences of critical illness. Despite the theoretical advantages of physical therapy to address this problem, it has not been shown that physical therapy initiated in the intensive care unit offers benefit. DESIGN AND SETTING Prospective cohort study in a university medical intensive care unit that(More)
In corn wet milling, dry matter can be separated from liquids in process streams with centrifuges or vacuum belt filtration (VBF). Because separations usually are not complete, dry matter can be lost in the liquid streams (overflow from the gluten thickener centrifuge and filtrate from VBF). This represents a loss of nutrients, especially protein, to low(More)
The primary commodity of corn wet milling is starch, but two coproducts (corn gluten feed, CGF and corn gluten meal, CGM) also are produced. CGM and CGF are marketed as animal foodstuffs and are important economically; however, variation in composition reduces quality. There are few data on the effect of composition of the parent process streams, light(More)
Corn gluten meal (CGM) is a major coproduct of corn wet milling; it has value because of high protein. However, variation in composition and high P content reduce market value. Data that characterize gluten streams would be helpful in identifying key processing steps that could be modified to improve the quality of CGM and increase processing efficiency.(More)
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