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Woman's Best Friend
Battered women seeking shelter were surveyed at intake about their experiences with pet abuse and the roles of pets in their abusive relationships. Of the women with pets, 46.5% reported that theirExpand
Why Family Professionals Can No Longer Ignore Violence Toward Animals
The issue of violence to animals has been virtually ignored by family scholars and other family professionals. After looking at why animal abuse has not received attention, it is argued that thoseExpand
Exploring the Link between Corporal Punishment and Children's Cruelty to Animals
The link between interpersonal violence and violence to animals has been suggested, but rarely studied empirically, especially by family scholars. This study of 267 college undergraduates examinedExpand
Battered Women and Their Animal Companions: Symbolic Interaction Between Human and Nonhuman Animals
Only recently have sociologists considered the role of nonhuman animals in human society. The few studies undertaken of battered women and their animal companions have revealed high rates of animalExpand
Animal Abuse in Childhood and Later Support for Interpersonal Violence in Families
A survey of university students tested whether committing animal abuse during childhood was related to approval of interpersonal violence against children and women in families. Respondents who hadExpand
To Spank or Not To Spank: The Effect of Situation and Age of Child on Support for Corporal Punishment
This study examined college students' attitudes toward spanking as a function of the situational context and age of the child. As expected, respondents were more likely to find spanking appropriateExpand
Regional differences in attitudes toward corporal punishment.
Corporal punishment is deeply rooted in American culture. Strong legal and religious traditions in this country support the use of physical punishment of children by both parents and school officialsExpand
Relationship Violence by Women: Issues and Implications
This article presents an analysis of the use of violence by women against their intimate partners. Although women may use violence as often as men do, both the motives for and the effects of women'sExpand
Examining the links between animal abuse and human violence
Empirical research has increasingly found evidence for the coexistence of animal abuse and various forms of interpersonal violence. Some researchers have even argued for a specific version of thisExpand
Normative support for corporal punishment: Attitudes, correlates, and implications
Corporal punishment enjoys strong normative support in American society, even in the face of growing evidence suggesting that it may be potentially harmful. This article examines Americans' attitudesExpand