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BACKGROUND Different strategies exist for reduction of the cervical spine. Placement of C1 lateral mass screws is a powerful technique but may be impossible in a degenerative or revision setting. We report the open, posterior-only, and instrumented reduction of a fixed C1-2 subluxation using occipital and C2/C3 fixation. The patient had rheumatoid arthritis(More)
Background: The aim was to test the null hypothesis that splint material, thickness, or longitudinal ridging does not affect the strength of a wrist splint. Methods: Ten splints were made according to each of 7 different splint designs (resulting in 7 groups of 10 splints each). All splints were the same length and were molded to approximate the contour of(More)
BACKGROUND Orthopaedists make great use of eponymous equipment, however the origins of these tools are unknown to many users. This history enriches, enlightens, and enhances surgical education, and may inspire modern innovation. QUESTIONS/PURPOSES We explored the origins of common and eponymous orthopaedic equipment. METHODS We selected pieces of(More)
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