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Although research has provided considerable knowledge concerning the positive effects of behavioral change on morbidity and mortality from heart disease and related risk factors, some segments of the population have not benefited equitably from this information. In April 1995, the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) conducted seven focus(More)
The North Carolina Native American Cervical Cancer Prevention Project is a five-year, NCI-funded public health education program. The project was developed to address the problem of excess mortality from cervical cancer among Native American women by increasing screening and follow-up of abnormal cervical smears. This paper describes the process of(More)
The discourses of economic globalization: a first analysis. ABSTRACT Although globalization has been with us for decades, some say, for centuries, interest in the topic has intensified since the mid-Eighties. Some discourses emanating from business circles suggest that globalization has turned into " the story and myth about international business activity(More)
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