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1. SUMMARY Many companies are exploring or actively engaged in outsourcing software development and other IT-related operations. There is increasing interest in outsourcing to overseas companies, particularly in countries like Ireland, India, and China [9][10][12]. Such " offshoring " is typically motivated by: 1. Reduced cost due to lower hourly wages;(More)
Almost all major news and professional publications e.g. [1,2] document IT Offshoring & Outsourcing (O&O), which has caused job losses in the US and drops in CS/IS enrollment. Public opinion and understanding of O&O are colored by several misperceptions: • All software development is going offshore. Actually, O&O has the biggest impact on lower skilled(More)
Agile approaches to software development share a particular set of values [2,4]: <ul><li>Individuals and interactions over processes and tools.</li> <li>Working software over comprehensive documentation.</li> <li>Customer collaboration over contract negotiation.</li> <li>Responding to change over following a plan.</li></ul>Many agile methodologies were(More)
This thesis describes a set of tools for manipulating sampled signals using wavelet transforms, and outlines potential musical applications of this library. Wavelets improve on existing time frequency methods by representing signals as a sum of a single wavelet basis function at different positions and scales. A wavelet representation can be used to(More)