Clifford W Allwood

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Eating disorders were first described in black females in South Africa in 1995. A subsequent community based study of eating attitudes amongst adolescent females in an urban setting suggested that there would be increasing numbers of sufferers from within the black community. The current study sought to extend these findings using a larger, more(More)
This four-part series describes the experience with HIV infection at Baragwanath Hospital to December 1990. In this first part we give an overview of the emergence of this disease and of its impact on the hospital. From July 1988 to December 1990, 426 HIV-positive individuals were identified: 58 were women identified in surveys at antenatal and gynaecology(More)
BACKGROUND Eating disorders have traditionally been associated with the white community in South Africa. The emergence of eating disorders among blacks in the mid 1990's appeared to signal a demographic shift. Subsequent data suggested that eating disorders would increase in prevalence amongst black South Africans. OBJECTIVE The current study sought to(More)
OBJECTIVES The primary objective of this study was to examine the perception of the quality of psychiatric services five years after apartheid, and specifically whether care for black patients had improved. DESIGN A survey was distributed to South African psychiatrists during a national congress and by mail. The questionnaire focused on the quality of(More)
This fourth part of the series describes the setting up of counselling for HIV-positive patients in response to the need at Baragwanath Hospital. Nurse counsellors were trained and supervised. The work, extending over 2 1/2 years, raised a number of issues for patient care and also for wider community education. Brief reference is made to pertinent ethical(More)
Current literature on suicide attempts by children and adolescents is reviewed. The records of children and adolescents in the 10-15-year age group who were referred to a child psychiatric unit over the 6-year period 1 January 1977-31 December 1982 were analysed. The results are presented and discussed. Suicide attempts or threats together constituted an(More)
This study was undertaken as part of an exploration of the potential risk for future eating disorders in the black female population of South Africa. Previous research has documented eating attitudes suggesting that such a risk exists in urban populations. A translated version of the Eating Attitudes Test (EAT-26) was applied in a Zulu speaking, rural(More)
OBJECTIVES Puerperal psychosis was studied in black African women at Baragwanath Hospital in Johannesburg. DESIGN A retrospective study analysed the clinical notes of 314 cases of puerperal psychosis seen over previous years. A prospective study researched 67 cases of puerperal psychosis referred during a full calendar year. A control group of 98 patients(More)