Clifford S. Mallard

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A wheat gene, denoted Sbe1, encoding a type I starch-branching enzyme (SBEI) was isolated from a genomic library and shown to comprise 14 exons distributed over a 5.7 kb DNA region. Analyses of kernel RNA by 5′ rapid amplification of cDNA ends (5′-RACE) and reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) demonstrated a considerable sequence(More)
The cauliflower mosaic virus 35S (35S) and the enhanced 35S (E35S) promoters fused with maize alcohol dehydrogenase (Adh1) intron1 or maize shrunken locus (sh1) intronl along with maize Adh1 and rice actin (Act1) promoters fused to their respective first introns were tested for transient expression of the E.coli β-glucuronidase (gus) reporter gene in(More)
The dinitrogen fixing enzyme nitrogenase (nitrogen:(acceptor) oxidoreductase)(EC is monitored by its ability to reduce acetylene to ethylene. Low, non-inhibitory concentrations of acetylene (approximately 10(-7)mol/litre) are mixed with the gas flow aerating microbiol cultures, and acetylene and ethylene in the effluent gas are determined by gas(More)
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