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We present a new model for authorization that integrates both local and distributed access control policies and that is extensible across applications and administrative domains. We introduce a general mechanism that is capable of implementing several security policies including role-based access control, Clark-Wilson, ACLs, capabilities , and lattice-based(More)
Smart grids are susceptible to cyber-attack as a result of new communication, control and computation techniques employed in the grid. In this paper, we characterize and analyze the resiliency of smart grid communication architecture, specifically an RF mesh based architecture , under cyber attacks. We analyze the resiliency of the communication(More)
— The power grid is a federated system. Regions of the system are controlled by different organizations and security of the grid is imposed from above through regulation of the security techniques used by the federants. This approach will be less effective as we move to a smart grid, where control of some elements of the grid rests in the customer's home(More)
—Cheating in online games comes with many consequences for both players and companies. Therefore, cheating detection and prevention is an important part of developing a commercial online game. Several anti-cheating solutions have been developed by gaming companies. However, most of these companies use cheating detection measures that may involve breaches to(More)
The security of critical infrastructures such as oil and gas cyber-physical systems is a significant concern in today's world where malicious activities are frequent like never before. On one side we have cyber criminals who compromise cyber infrastructure to control physical processes; we also have physical criminals who attack the physical infrastructure(More)