Clifford Lindsay

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Diffraction, interference, dispersive refraction and scattering are four wavelength-dependent mechanisms that produce iridescent colors. The per-wavelength sampling required to render iridescence significantly increases the computation required to render irides-cence in real time. Furthermore, diffraction exhibits much higher frequencies and sharper peak(More)
The development of methods for correcting patient motion in emission tomography has been receiving increased attention. Often the performance of these methods is evaluated through simulations using digital anthropomorphic phantoms, such as the commonly used extended cardiac torso (XCAT) phantom, which models both respiratory and cardiac motion based on(More)
Mobile games and graphics are popular because un-tethered computing is convenient and ubiquitous entertainment is compelling. However, rendering graphics on mobile devices faces challenges due to limited system resources, such as battery energy, and low memory and disk space. Real time frame rates, low energy consumption and high image quality are all(More)
This paper outlines the process of designing a set of interfaces for a programmable digital camera back-end. The set of interfaces includes a traditional, advanced and development interface. The traditional interface is a replication of a typical camera interface which is present on today's commodity cameras. The advanced interface provides access to the(More)