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Bibliography 85 ii Acknowledgments My foremost thanks go to my advisor Jack Lutz. Jack brought me into research in 1999 while I was still an undergraduate. In the four years since he has provided me with excellent research advice and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with him. thank them for collaborating with me. I also thank Pavan Aduri, Cliff Bergman,(More)
This paper introduces the Adopted-Pet (AP) protocol, an automatic (i.e. requiring no human interaction) secure pairing protocol, adequate for the pairing between a passive RFID tag and a reader. Most pairing protocols rely for their security on a certain advantage that the legitimate devices have over any malicious users. Such advantages include proximity(More)
In this paper we consider the complexity of several problems involving finite algebraic structures. Given finite algebras A and B, these problems ask the following. (1) Do A and B satisfy precisely the same identities? (2) Do they satisfy the same quasi-identities? (3) Do A and B have the same set of term operations? In addition to the general case in which(More)
Steganography is the study of data hiding for the purpose of covert communication. A secret message is inserted into a cover file so that the very existence of the message is not apparent. Most current steganography algorithms insert data in the spatial or transform domains; common transforms include the discrete cosine transform, the discrete Fourier(More)
A restatement of the Algebraic Dichotomy Conjecture, due to Maroti and McKenzie, postulates that if a finite algebra A possesses a weak near-unanimity term, then the corresponding constraint satisfaction problem is tractable. A binary operation is weak near-unanimity if and only if it is both commutative and idempo-tent. Thus if the dichotomy conjecture is(More)
Jalan, Jaikishan, "Feature selection, statistical modeling and its applications to universal JPEG steganalyzer" (2009). Graduate Theses and Dissertations. Paper 11012. Figure 2.1 Mahalanobis distance vs. feature group size for five embedding algorithms using features in (54). Solid line: multivariate distances. Figure 2.2 Detection accuracy results using(More)
The study of Boolean algebras with operators (BAOs) has been a consistent theme in algebraic logic throughout its history. It provides a unifying framework for several branches of logic including relation algebras, cylindric algebras, and modal algebras. From a purely algebraic standpoint, a class of BAOs provides a rich field of study, combining the(More)