Clifford A. Rose

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This tutorial paper describes a procedure for obtaining input parameter values and output performance measures for a popular class of queuemg network models. The procedure makes use of current measurement momtors as much as possible. We survey the two basic approaches to monitoring computer systems (event trace and sampling) and the three types of momtors(More)
Structural pattern of a tonsillar tumor found in a 67-year-old female was similar to a small ovarian androblastoma diagnosed histologically 6 1/2 years earlier. Electron microscopic study of the tonsillar mass revealed crystalloid structures suggestive of the Leydig cell origin of the tumor. After tonsillectomy, there was no local recurrence of the tumor,(More)
SUMMARY The pressor responses to oral and intravenous tyramine were not different from controls in migrainous patients with or without a history of attacks triggered by foods. However, patients who reported a dietary trigger were more likely to develop headache after tyramine administration than those without such a dietary history. Pressor responses to(More)
Processor management deals with the problem of managing a distributed memory parallel machine as a partitionable resource. Most of the processor allocation strategies proposed so far are based on centralized algorithms and suuer from poor scalabilty. With an increasing number of processors in the system, the centralized data structure used to manage the(More)
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