Clifford A. Long

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Two quite different shapes of cranial sutures ostensibly yield fractal dimensions. The rare, intricate sutures yield the more valid fractal dimensions because self-similar scaling provides a double-log plot of negative slope. These sutures are fractals over a range of several r values. Some of the highly folded, wavy sutures in humans also fill space except(More)
Evaporative cooling system concepts proposed over the past century for engine thermal management in automotive applications are examined and critically reviewed. The purpose of the review is to establish evident system shortcomings and to identify remaining research questions that need to be addressed to enable this important technology to be adopted by(More)
Applications of mathematics and statistics often require fitting a smooth approximating function to a finite set of data points, or interpolating the data points by fitting the points exactly. In the event that interpolation of a grid of points is required, we recently proposed a method (which we call the SVD method[10]) for creating a function of two(More)
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