Clifford A. Katz

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Stress in the dental working environment is a topic of great importance to everyone associated with dentistry--dentist, staff member, and patient. The effective reduction of stress in the dental environment has emotional, health, and financial implications for everyone. Research indicates that much of the stress we experience is a result of our beliefs and(More)
We have constructed and operated the Survey for Transient Astronomical Radio Emission (STARE) to detect transient astronomical radio emission at 611 MHz originating from the sky over the northeastern United States. The system is sensitive to transient events on timescales of 0.125 s to a few minutes, with a typical zenith flux density detection threshold of(More)
We present a spectral line image in CO (J \ 7È6) of the spatially compact molecular outÑow from the massive protostar IRAS 20126]4014, observed using a novel superconductive hot-electron bolometer (HEB) heterodyne receiver we recently installed at the 10 m Heinrich Hertz Telescope. The bipolar outÑow is clearly detected and resolved with a center of(More)
Inherent in the dental situation is the potential for a great deal of interpersonal stress. While the particular areas of stressful interaction are as numerous and varied as are the approaches to deal with such situations, what may be of ultimate importance is what an individual tells himself or herself about such situations. Stresses become distressful(More)