Cliffe D. Joel

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Previous evidence suggests that lipid peroxidation may initiate photoreceptor damage induced by constant light exposure. In order to investigate the role of the antioxidant vitamin E in light damage, Long-Evans (pigmented) rats were atropinized and exposed to constant fluorescent light (Vita-Lite) of 10-20 foot candles for intervals up to 5 days. Following(More)
A thin-layer chromatographic method for quantitative isolation of free fatty acids is described. This method appears to be more satisfactory than existing methods in offering the combination of advantages of specificity, simplicity, rapidity, reproducibility, accuracy, high sensitivity, and applicability as a preparative technique. The method involves(More)
during the S phase is shown in Table 1. DNA synthesis at 21-22h was inhibited; the effect was maximal when the drugs were administered at 18 h. This confirms the previous observations (Thrower & Ord, 1974a,b) of an a-adrenergic facilitation of DNA synthesis during the late S phase. The time-course of incorporation of [jHIthymidine into liver DNA after(More)
A multiple enzyme system, particulate in nature, which catalyzes the oxidation of succinate and reduced diphosphopyridine nucleotide may be obtained from heart muscle. It was first shown in 1949 (1) that this complex of enzymes is extremely rich in phosphatidcs. More recently, data have been presented (2) which indicate that the particles which contain(More)