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Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
The Serial Peripheral Interface Bus (SPI) is a means of communicating between the CPU and the peripheral devices that connect to the physical world.
Principles of Usability
Usability is often relegated to being an afterthought in web projects. The design, branding, or marketing message of the site, as well as the whims of the client, can often make for a confusing
Samsung ARTIK Reference
Beginning Samsung ARTIK: A Guide for Developers
This book provides the perfect tutorial-based introduction to the ARTIK family of Systems on Modules, which integrate powerful microprocessors, memory, wireless connectivity, and enhanced security on to very small form factor boards.
Framing the Problem
This book is about designing better workflows that will lead to creating good quality metadata (and essence data). You still might not create perfect metadata but it should be significantly less
Extracting Metadata from Word Documents
You can inspect the document properties manually in Word. This provides access to the document metadata through a nice GUI. It's not easy to integrate that into a workflow.
General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO)
The latest innovations in pin multiplexing inside the kernel allow GPIO pins to be highly configurable and properties such as drive voltage, bias, and debouncing control are becoming accessible to the application developer.