Cliff Welborn

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Controversy exists regarding the efficacy of prehospital assisted ventilation by endotracheal intubation (ETI) versus bag-valve-mask (BVM) in serious pediatric head injury. The National Pediatric Trauma Registry (NPTR-3) data set was analyzed to examine this question. NPTR-3 (n = 31,464) was queried regarding the demographics, injury mechanism, injury(More)
The purpose of this document is to present a general approach to educating the First Responder in Emergency Pediatric Care. The First Responder is especially important in the emergency care of the sick or injured child. The majority of mortality and morbidity associated with pediatric emergencies is a result of airway and ventilatory compromise. In(More)
Ingestion of lead by children can cause physical health issues and learning development issues. A primary source of lead as a hazard for children is found in deteriorating lead-based paint. The Tennessee Lead Elimination Action Program (TN LEAP) is a grant-funded initiative designed to identify and control lead poisoning hazards in Tennessee homes. TN LEAP(More)
Resonance Raman spectra are observed for hybrid nitrosylhemoglobins (NO-Hb) reconstituted from normal and meso-deuterated hemes and also for penta- and hexa-coordinated NO-heme complexes. Upon meso deuteration of both hemes of the alpha and beta subunits [alpha(D)2NO beta(D)2NO], the Raman lines of stripped NO-Hb at 1636 (dp), 1584 (ap), and 1502 (p) cm-1(More)
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