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Dual-route-cascaded (DRC) (e.g. Coltheart & Rastle, Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance 20 (1994) 1197) and triangle framework (e.g. Seidenberg & McClelland, Psychological Review 96 (1989) 523) predictions were tested regarding the effect of having a word in oral vocabulary prior to reading that same word. Over two sessions,(More)
The study investigated the effects of using props to illustrate the meaning of sentences in a syntactic awareness task in which subjects were required to correct ungrammatical sentences. Forty preschool children (aged 4; 11 to 5; 11) were asked to correct 20 sentences, 10 of which were illustrated using props, and 10 of which were not. Children scored(More)
The demonstration below shows that the structure of links and pages on the Internet can be described as three dimensional, and therefore the methods of presentation of successful matches by the search engines loses context that is built into World Wide Web sites by the designers of the pages. Since a page may be returned by a search because it contains a(More)
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