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Plasma and urine electrolytes were measured in five healthy non-obese young adults before, during and after a four-day period of total starvation (distilled water only). Plasma sodium, chloride and bicarbonate concentrations decreased in all subjects by a mean value of 4 mmol/l, whereas the sum of acetoacetate and hydroxybutyrate concentrations increased by(More)
The physical characteristics of 12 nasogastric tubes (Clinifeed, Portex prima, Vygon 6 and 9, Dobbhoff, Nutriflex and 6 Ryles tubes) and 13 feeds (4 Clinifeed Preparations, Nutranel, Nutrauxil, Express, Triosorbon, Fortison, Enteral 400, Elemental 028, Complan and Complan + Caloreen have been assessed under laboratory conditions. The accuracy of the stated(More)
INTRODUCTION The availability of short-stay beds for brief admission (less than 72hours) of crisis patients presenting to the emergency room is a model that has gained a growing interest because it allows time for developing alternatives to psychiatric hospitalization and favors a maintained functioning in the community. Still, the determinants influencing(More)
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