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Isopropanol (IPA), as a 70% aqueous solution, was applied under occluded conditions to the shaved backs of male and female Fischer F-344 rats for a period of 4 hr. Maximum analyzed blood concentrations of IPA were attained at 4 hr and decreased steadily following removal of the test material. Blood concentrations were below the limit of quantification at 8(More)
A 12-year-old boy presented to a district hospital with diabetic ketoaci-dosis (DKA): pH, 6.97; base excess, 227.5 mmol/L; bicarbonate, 2.5 mmol/L; glucose 29 mmol/L. A urinalysis showed 41 ketones ($160 mg/dL). Standard DKA management according to U.K. guidelines was instituted (1). Fluid was replaced at maintenance plus 7.5% dehydration , with correction(More)
In a previous subchronic neurotoxicity study, increases in motor activity were observed for female rats after 9 and 13 weeks of exposure to 5000 ppm of isopropanol vapor. The present study was conducted to evaluate the reproducibility of these effects and, if reproducible, to assess the potential for reversibility following cessation of exposure. Two(More)
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