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Receptive fields (RFs) of neurons in the dorsal column nuclei (DCN) expand within minutes after the RFs are anesthetized via subcutaneous lidocaine injections (e.g., Pettit and Schwark). The mechanism of this rapid reorganization is of great interest. It has been proposed that such RF expansion results from a decline in inhibition within the DCN that(More)
BACKGROUND Persons with SSDs contend with multiple barriers to exercise. Interventions are needed to enhance attitudes theoretically linked to exercise behavior. OBJECTIVE Examine effect of Walk, Address Sensations, Learn About Exercise, Cue Exercise for SSDs (WALC-S) intervention upon exercise self efficacy (SEE) and outcome expectations (OEES) in 97(More)
Persons with schizophrenia spectrum disorders (SSDs) are not only at risk because of disabling disease symptoms but because necessary medications create health risks associated with high rates of obesity. Despite the well-known benefits of exercise, persons with SSDs rarely adhere to such regimens; few interventions to motivate exercise behavior have been(More)
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