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  • C Bowen
  • 1996
This study was carried out in response to teachers' concerns about emergency situations involving children with asthma, epilepsy and diabetes. Data were collected on whether teachers had received advice on coping with such emergencies in either their basic teacher training or in-service training, and whether they felt competent to cope with emergencies(More)
The philosopher tries to define it [life], but no definition will cover its infinite and self-contradictory variety. The idea of life, the sense of being alive, are the most familiar and the most difficult to understand of the concepts we meet. Few biologists today think it is worthwhile to pay much attention to that distinction [between life and non-life].(More)
The health of the Nation highlights the need to reduce suicide rates among young people. A multidisciplinary group sought to adopt an approach to promoting mental health which began with young people's own concerns. Via a questionnaire to 80 14-15 year olds the group established that young people had particular worries around self-esteem and self-image,(More)
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