Cleyton V. C. de Magalhães

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<i>Context</i>. A recent mapping study intended to verify the current state of replication of empirical studies in Software Engineering (SE) identified two sets of studies: the empirical studies reporting actually replications and a second group of studies that were concerned with concepts, classifications, guidelines, and other themes about replication.(More)
<b>Context</b>. Job Rotation is an organizational practice whereby individuals are regularly moved among jobs or projects in the same organization. <b>Goal</b>: To identify and discuss evidence about job rotation, in order to understand the use, the benefits, and the limitations of this practice in software organizations. <b>Method</b>: A systematic(More)
Context: Work Design refers to the different ways in which a given work or task can be designed and performed. The study of work design is important because every decision related to how the work is performed can affect the outcomes of individuals and the effectiveness of teamwork. Goal: To investigate work design characteristics of software engineering(More)
Job Rotation is an organizational practice in which individuals are frequently moved from a job (or project) to another in the same organization. Studies in other areas have found that this practice has both negative and positive effects on individuals' work. However, there are only few studies addressing this issue in software engineering so far. The goal(More)
Context: Work Design refers to how work is conceived, assigned across organizational levels, and structured into tasks performed by individuals or teams. Recent studies have argued that work characteristics need further investigation to improve our understanding of how to design work and tasks in this software engineering practice. <b>Goal:</b> The aim of(More)
Context: Current empirical research highlight the need for replications of empirical studies because replications plays an important role in the construction of scientific knowledge. Objective: Considering the importance of replications in the consolidation of the knowledge produced in the software engineering research, this study aims to update and extend(More)
Based on the context in which social networks and collaborative systems are involved, this paper presents the process of conception, projection and implementation of a collaborative social network with the goal to promote actions related to social inclusion of people with genetic disorders with physical disabilities. Using an experimental and descriptive(More)
<b><i>Context</i></b>. A decade ago, Kitchenham, Dyb&#229; and J&#248;rgensen argued that software engineering could benefit from an evidence-based research approach similar that that used in medicine, introducing the basis for Evidence Based Software Engineering (EBSE). <b><i>Objective</i></b>. Our main goal is to understand the evolution of the use of(More)
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