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The pathophysiology of preeclampsia (PE), a disorder occurring in 5% of all pregnancies, remains largely unknown, but early placental hypoxia and oxidative stress are known to be involved in the(More)
This study shows for the first time the presence of intra and extrapancreatic ganglionar neurons and telocytes in Octodon degus such as those described in human and guinea pig pancreas. Pancreatic(More)
This study examined the placentation in the degu, the origin of the extrasubplacental trophoblast (EST) (extravillous trophoblast in human), and the activity of Na+/K+ ATPase in the placental barrier(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the relationship of biomarkers of placental damage by oxidative stress in pre-eclamptic placenta. METHODS A case-control study was performed on a population of 14 pregnant(More)
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