Clementina H Castro

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In cancer cells, transcriptional gene silencing has been associated with genetic and epigenetic defects. The disruption of DNA methylation patterns and covalent histone marks has been associated with cancer development. Until recently, microRNA (miRNA) gene silencing was not well understood. In particular, miR-125b1 has been suggested to be an miRNA with(More)
Heterochromatin protein 1 (HP1) is important in the establishment, propagation, and maintenance of constitutive heterochromatin, especially at the pericentromeric region. HP1 might participate in recruiting and directing Mis12 to the centromere during interphase, and HP1 disruption or abrogation might lead to the loss of Mis12 incorporation into the(More)
HP1 Family of proteins are involved in the formation and maintenance of chromatin higher order structure. In mammals there are known three isotypes (HP1a, HP1b and HP1g). Recently, it has been proposed that HP1 may play an important roll in inner centromere establishment, generated by its interaction with HMis12 complex, (HMis12C) which is relevant in(More)
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