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In this paper, we propose a new unconstrained nonnegative matrix factorization method designed to utilize the multilayer structure of audio signals to improve the quality of the source separation. The tonal layer is sparse in frequency and temporally stable, while the transient layer is composed of short term broadband sounds. Our method has a part well(More)
Blind source separation usually obtains limited performance on real and polyphonic music signals. To overcome these limitations, it is common to rely on prior knowledge under the form of side information as in Informed Source Separation or on machine learning paradigms applied on a training database. In the context of source separation based on(More)
In this paper, we propose a supervised multilayer factorization method designed for harmonic/percussive source separation and drum extraction. Our method decomposes the audio signals in sparse orthogonal components which capture the harmonic content, while the drum is represented by an extension of non negative matrix factorization which is able to exploit(More)
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