Clement L. McGowan

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SADT <supscrpt>TM</supscrpt>, Structured Analysis and Design Technique, is a graphical language for describing systems. In this paper we indicate the role of SADT in software design. The graphical language provides a powerful design vocabulary in which a designer can concisely and unambiguously express his design. SADT is compatible with widely used(More)
This paper presents four world views for developing system specifications. Each is described by first revealing its root metaphor, that is, the most primitive starting point for understanding a system. As each world view and its metaphor are described, we show how particular major current approaches to systems analysis and design fall within the view. We(More)
This paper illustrates an approach to designing software information systems. We have found this strategy to be sufficiently systematic and practically useful enough to merit exposition for a wider audience. The most novel aspect of our approach is how we analyze the problem in successive steps to produce a logical design. Briefly, the steps are: (1)(More)
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