Clement L. McGowan

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The methods used by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI's) Software Capability Evaluation program (SCE) are assessed. The goal of the SCE program is to provide the US Defense Department with a method by which it can rank the overall capability of organizations to produce software in a timely, repeatable fashion. Because SEI assessments are a preparation(More)
We present an approach that combines process modeling with process assessments. We describe how we created an SADT (IDEFO) model of a large sojtware maintenance process and used the model as a basis for assessing the process. The model led to process improvenwnts that mighl have been missed otherwise. We then describe this model based process assessment(More)
This paper presents four world views for developing system specifications. Each is described by first revealing its root metaphor, that is, the most primitive starting point for understanding a system. As each world view and its metaphor are described, we show how particular major current approaches to systems analysis and design fall within the view. We(More)
Software capability evaluations (SCEs) were the prototype for what's now the standard CMMI appraisal method for process improvement. SCEs used 85 yes/no questions to determine organizations' maturity levels. This was an astonishingly sparse data set from which to assign a label that could bar an organization from bidding on federal contracts. CMMI is our(More)
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