Clement Fortin

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Interglacial-glacial cycles of the Quaternary are widely recognized in shaping phylogeographic structure. Patterns from cold adapted species can be especially informative - in particular, uncovering additional glacial refugia, identifying likely recolonization patterns, and increasing our understanding of species' responses to climate change. We(More)
A syllabus forms the structure of a course (or program) offering and is used to assemble its constituents. Course websites and LMS’s, also contain similar information, and in some sense, are quite similar to course outlines or syllabi, and replicate some of the information that can also be found in administrative websites of universities. From a system(More)
A prototype results from the need to verify various qualities of the product at different stages of its development. In set-based design, multiplying prototypes is particularly critical to enable a broad exploration of the design space before committing to a solution. The exploration targets the choice of the best of all viable concepts on one hand but on(More)
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