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This course is suitable for senior-level undergraduates. It will be assumed that most students in this class have had only one previous course in fluids. Thus, the only prerequisite for this course is Engineering Fluid Mechanics. The course consists of traditional lectures, reading assignments, homework, and a lab project that involves carrying out a series(More)
The Nile basin River system spans 3 million km 2 distributed over ten nations. The eight the source of approximately 86% of the water inputs to the Nile, while the two downstream riparian countries Sudan and Egypt, presently rely on the river's flow for most of the their needs. Both climate and agriculture contribute to the complicated nature of Nile River(More)
This study tests the representativeness of groundwater recharge estimates through the chloride mass balance (CMB) method in a tropical environment. The representativeness of recharge estimates using this methodology is tested using evaporation estimates from isotope data, the general spatial distribution of the potential field, and the topographical(More)
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