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Intact transferrin receptor molecules complexed with transferrin were found in human plasma. The concentration of receptors was determined by an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay that uses polyclonal antibodies. The mean concentration of 8,279 micrograms/L in 56 normal adults appears to be unrelated to age or sex. Additional receptor measurements were(More)
The paper describes the use of an extrinsic tag of inorganic radioiron to determine the total absorption of nonheme iron from a complete meal. The method was developed by measuring the iron absorbed from vegetable foods containing biosynthetically incorporated (55)Fe (intrinsic tag) and from (59)Fe added as a small dose of inorganic iron to the same meal(More)
In 33 patients with thalassemia and idiopathic hemochromatosis, plasma ferritin protein levels ranged from 36 to 5,850 micrograms/L. The iron content of this ferritin as determined by immunoprecipitation ranged from undetectable amounts to 507 micrograms/L. The mean iron content of ferritin protein in those and other subjects with plasma ferritin(More)