Clemens M. Zierhofer

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A comprehensive description of a linear model of an axon of infinite length exposed to an external voltage is presented. The steady-state transmembrane potential is derived as a function proportional to the convolution product of the second spatial difference sn of the external potential (the "activating function") and the impulse response psin of a spatial(More)
An adaptive delta-sigma modulator of 1st order with one-bit quantization is presented. Adaptation is instantaneous and based on an exponential law. The feedback signal is a multibit discrete-level signal generated by a digital-to-analog converter (DAC). Compared to a nonadaptive delta-sigma modulator of 1st order, the input dynamic range is significantly(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to develop comprehensive test material for Mandarin tone identification in noise for a male and a female talker. Additionally, the sensitivity index d' as a measure for the listeners' performance to identify individual tones was evaluated. DESIGN The study followed a prospective design. STUDY SAMPLE The complete(More)
A simultaneous paradigm for electric stimulation of the acoustic nerve based on a monopolar electrode configuration and sign-correlated pulses is presented. Simultaneous pulse amplitudes are determined by taking into account parameters of spatial channel interaction. The computation of simultaneous amplitudes requires the solution of linear systems of(More)