Clemens Heidinger

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Data management can now be outsourced to cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services or IBM SmartCloud. This calls for encrypted data-representation schemes that also give way to efficient query processing. State-of-the-art approaches are overly expensive for exact-match queries in the worst case, or they do not ensure privacy if an adversary knows the(More)
While data privacy is a human right, it is challenging to enforce it. For example, if multiple retailers execute a single order at Amazon Marketplace, each retailer can use different agencies for shipment, payment etc., resulting in unmanageable flows of personal data. In this work, we present the Privacy 2.0 system, which enables people to share(More)
Impact assessment (IA) is a key method for the legislator to evaluate policies, norms or regulations currently under development. Experts use IA to gather and analyze input from many individuals to obtain clear problem statements, estimations regarding policies etc., and use this information to compare policy alternatives. Currently, the opinions, expertise(More)
In past years, many anonymization schemes, anonymity notions , and anonymity measures have been proposed. When designing information systems that feature anonymity, choosing a good approach is a very important design choice. While experiments comparing such approaches are enlightening, carrying out such experiments is a complex task and is labor-intensive.(More)
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