Clemens Günther

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The theoretical background and the implementation of a new interval arithmetic approach for solving sets of differential-algebraic equations (DAEs) are presented. The proposed approach computes guaranteed enclosures of all reachable states of dynamical systems described by sets of DAEs with uncertainties in both initial conditions and system parameters. The(More)
Vatalanib (PTK787/ZK-222584) is a new oral antiangiogenic molecule that inhibits all known vascular endothelial growth factor receptors. Vatalanib is under investigation for the treatment of solid tumors. Disposition and biotransformation of vatalanib were studied in an open-label, single-center study in patients with advanced cancer. Seven patients were(More)
BACKGROUND There is controversy as to whether haemodialysis-membrane biocompatibility (ie, the potential to activate complement and neutrophils) influences mortality of patients with acute renal failure. We did a prospective randomised multicentre trial in patients with dialysis-dependent acute renal failure treated with two different types of low-flux(More)
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