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Questions about gender differences in the workplace usually attract much attention—but often generate more heat than light. To examine gender differences in several facets of scientific productivity and impact, a quantitative, scientometric approach is employed. Analyzing a sample of industrial and organizational psychologists (N authors = 4234; N(More)
In modern knowledge societies, scientific research is crucial, but expensive and often publicly financed. However, with regard to scientific research success, some studies have found gender differences in favor of men. To explain this, it has been argued that female researchers collaborate less than male researchers, and the current study examines this(More)
Five facets of professional information-seeking behaviour were analysed in a sample of 298 psychology researchers from the German-speaking countries. In an online survey data were gathered on (1) information-processing behaviour during research project development , research implementation, results publication, use of citation databases, and preferred(More)
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